Monday, March 9, 2009

A very busy year

I have been thinking for some time that I should create a blog just to capture some of the great memories in our family!

This year has been a very big year for our family. Brandon started Kindergarten last August and it has been a huge transition for our family. He stayed home with me for five years, except for a few half days at preschool last year. We both have had a rough transition separating from one another. Brandon started having a lot of nightmares and we spent many months up in the middle of the night pleading, begging, and tucking him back in, only to have him back in our room crying within twenty minutes. That lasted for about 3-4 months. I was so exhausted that I just told him that he could "camp" on our floor. His nightmares went away along with a lot of other strange behaviors associated with anxiety (spitting, going to the bathroom ALOT, and washing his hands excessively).

I also started back at I.U. in January. I had to place Miles in daycare and try and tackle my math requirement. To make a very long story short, I will be taking three courses at Ivy tech starting this summer to get it done. I won't make my graduation date, but I will keep in touch with my advisor, and hopefully get an them to extend my degree until next summer. It's a bummer, but just another bump in the road.

Miles is getting so big. He is talking in full sentences and trying to be as big as Brandon. It is amazing how quickly second children grow up. I love watching the relationship b/t Brandon and Miles. Brandon has become so caring and this week he even started getting Miles out of his crib in the morning and playing with him without waking Ben and I up! He does an amazing job with Miles.

Brandon has started reading in the past few weeks. This also means I have to watch even what I spell! I spelled something not so appropriate the other week and Brandon said "". It was funny, but I know now to be more careful. He is doing much better in school now. I can't believe how much children learn in kindergarten as opposed to when I was in kindergarten. The only thing I remember is sleeping, recess and play-doh. I am pretty sure the playtime and creativity is limited.

We are looking forward to Spring Break. This weekend we spent Saturday at Cascades Park and took a small hike to the waterfall. Miles wanted to touch the water, and every time he felt the cold water trickling down on his little hands, he giggled. "Again" he said!

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